Greetings from Interstate 70 West in central Kansas…

It’s another West Coast Tour getting underway or overway. I was talking with Sue about how many times I’ve travelled west to California by way of interstate driving and I came up with the number ten. Truck stops, rest areas, wind turbines and donut shops out here on the prairie. Today we’re making our way through Kansas to Colorado for a show tomorrow night in Vail, the start of our Fall Pour Tour 2019. We’ll be pouring songs and stories from The Painter’s Bucket, a collection of unreleased songs I’ve written or co-written from 1983-2017.

We’re seeing expansive fields of corn and soy. And, of course, as many beef cattle grazing on the prairie grasses as there are forty foot tracker trailers hauling who knows what down the interstate. We just passed a sign that said, “One Kansas farmer feeds one hundred and fifty people.” I wonder how many people the entire farming community in Kansas feeds? It’s one of the joys of driving west, all of the signage.

Signs about Jesus, pizza, beer, wood-fire steak and bbq, choose life, Peterbilt and antiques.

Now we’re starting to see pumpjacks. A pumpjack is the above ground mechanism that lifts the liquid out of an oil well.

The soybeans here have golden-brownish tops. They are the leaves. They brown and fall off before the pods are harvested in October.

Round bales are laying in fields waiting for winter feeding.

Onward to Colorado…

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