Not high but dry in the Panhandle…

Muddy Waters recorded a song called Deep Down In Florida and part of the lyric says, where the sun shines nearly everyday.Well, today it is not shining here in the Panhandle, but we’re dry inside our motel room. Sometimes a rainy day can be just the thing. I am catching up on email and staying away from the news.

We had lunch with my friend, Kevin Kelly (No Fish Today) and his wife Louann. Tonight, we’re off to a gig in Panama City. I did some scales this morning on Natty Boh, and that’s always a good thing. I feel like I’m just getting to know that guitar, and I’ve had it for nearly ten years.

We’re staying in Miramar Beach and enjoyed a sunny day when we arrived on Monday. Last night we went to see 1917, the Sir Sam Mendes film, and enjoyed seeing it on an IMAX screen. The sound was just what you’d hope for, moving and big. It was shot with a technique called One Shot, where it seemed like there were no edits. It kept you with the protagonists every step of the film. There was a scene where George Mackay’s character, Lance Corporal Scofield recites a few lines from a Edward Lear poem, The Jumblies, one of my favorite scenes. I love seeing films on the road.

If you’re anywhere near Panama City tonight, it would be nice to see you. Time to do some arpeggios…

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