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  1. I like the cannon D influence. Billy, While I’ll never amount to half the musician thank you for attempting to teach me guitar & inspiring a life long love of music.

    A former student who should have practiced much more than I did. But, even then your knowledge, skill, passion — over filled my cup. Thank you.

    PS thanks for not making me feel like a weirdo for wanting to learn the blues & jazz at the age I was. Further, introducing me to rockabilly.

  2. hmmm…perhaps there is a songwriting muse in the air around there?! Sounds like you are having a beautiful time in a lovely location…

    1. Hi Thom, thanks for your comment. You may have noticed I’m not a frequent blogger. I actually haven’t looked at my blog in a while. I’m home today in Nashville and just reading. I went to your “Immortal Jukebox” and read your Iris & Mary blog. They are both artists I’ve enjoyed on record and in person. My partner, Jeni, and I took friends from England last week to the Grand Ole Opry and Mary Gauthier was on the card. She sang a song called “Another Train” that was very uplifting. She was certainly the highlight of the Opry that evening and she was very expressive about how much she enjoyed playing with the Opry house band and how good they were. Since you like both of those artists I feel okay about recommending another artist you may enjoy, Jeni and Billy. The website is I’m the Billy of the duo so I am a bit biased but I hope you enjoy your visit if you take one… Thanks again!

  3. What a joy to read! Mikes out playing some bluegrass but when he comes in I’ll show him this, he’s going to love it. Thanks Billy! X

    1. Hi Fiona (and Mike too!),

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts. As you know Jeni is the storyteller of our duo and she is the one who suggested and inspired me to have a blog. I’m going to try and do more blogging this year. I missed out on 2015 but this year things are gonna be different. I hope you and Mike are well. Back home in Nashville it’s cold and snow covered but here in Florida it was near 80 F today and sunny. We played a show today and are staying with some friends in Naples tonight. Have a great evening and we’ll look forward to seeing you both in May/June. Much Happiness, Billy

  4. This post made me think of rhythms. Rain on a roof. Train on a track… sweep of a broom…and the opportunity this affords the mind to sit.
    I’ve always been out of step, autistism creates its own music to dance to, but I sense the heavy heart and the featherlight. Being outside is wonderful, and there is never bad weather, just the wrong choice of clothes! Mike and I camped in Suffolk in September with our dogs, it was glorious, sea swimming, long walks and campfire cups of tea! Looking forward to seeing you next year Mr. Billy Kemp. Fiona and Mike x

  5. Hey Billy Now put this poem to music add your harp let me purchase it and I’ll be happy as a fan in Fell’s Point dancing the night away as you bow and smile. God’s blessings and Peace my friends..Miss your talent Janis from Catonsville but now in York Pa.

    1. Hi Janis, Please pardon my slow response. I am enjoying some non-touring time here in Liberty, TN where I live. That tour was a hoot. Thanks for reading. Wishing you all good things…Billy

  6. Thanks for this post Billy. It seems that the ride home provided you with lots of thoughtful material for future music making. I’m looking forward to see what transpires. It was nice to see you in Charlie and Marilyn’s driveway last week, and it seemed awkward not to come over and give you a handshake or a hug, but our brief conversation and smile was satisfying. Perhaps the wink and a smile may be the way to go in the future, but I do think that we homo sapiens do yearn for the human touch. I guess time will tell. Until you’re this way again, be well and creative.
    Warmly, Ruth

    1. Dear Ruth, It was very odd that morning we saw each other. And I agree, the touch heals. My doctor friend, Alan Gaby, had a tee shirt when he was practicing that said, “Hugs Heal.” Thanks for your message and I wish you and yours good health and happiness…Billy

  7. Congrats to you and Sue and Craig on the new record!

    I’ve put the announcement on my Facebook pages and the Jeni & Billy one, too! I hope you get lots of downloads!

    All the best to you and Sue,



    1. Hi Jeni, Thank you so much. I am grateful for your efforts to share the news about The Craig Demos. I hope you like it. Wishing you all good things… Much Happiness, Billy

  8. Hey Bill. Maren Junk here. I’m so glad you posted the picture of your single “That Lady From Abilene” with “1981 International Seagrams 7 Battle Of The Bands” on it. Country Junk came in second that night down on Dogwood Road at that event. I forget the name of the place, but I think it was an Athletic Club. Of course The Paradise Pickers came in first. I was so honored to play on the same stage as you guys. We all got a T shirt with the contest name written on it. 🎵🎸 Memories🎙️🤠. Stay Well in our crazy world. MJ

  9. Massive smiles reading this 💕
    Congratulations to the gorgeous two of you!
    Wonderful wedding adventure.
    May you be happy and well fed all your days!
    Love Fiona and Mike x

  10. What a wonderful story! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you both next time you come to the Tampa area.

  11. I absolutely love everything about this! Congratulations! May you have so many happy, healthy, adventurous, and loving years together! XOXOXO

  12. So Happy for you Best Wishes nd Congratulations. Many Many Happy Years. Janis Grannan Baltimore, Md

    1. Pardon my slow response. Thanks Rick. Hope all is well with you. I’ll be performing in Baltimore for The Roots Cafe at An Die Musik on Charles Street on Tuesday, July 20. It would be great to see you. Here is a link for the concert. Take care…

  13. Dear Billy & Sue,
    I am thrilled for your marriage and send heartfelt congratulations! I must admit, however, like yourselves, I’m sure, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to experience a once in a lifetime ‘drive-through I do’ marriage. Anyhow, the next time you come rolling through Palm Beach, let me know so I can help celebrate your marriage with lunch at Pizza al Fresco.
    Jim Gabler

    1. Greetings Jim, Thanks for your message. I’m planning on a tour in Fla next March. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we’ll get to see you and Anita. Much success with all of your writing. Cheers, Billy

  14. Hi Billy

    Great to read your post. The guitar looks very exciting ( and expensive!).

    Had a first listen to your The Craig Demos album. Some really great tracks. I loved the instrumental Natty Don and also In your Arms. (Is that Sue singing on there). Janesville is superb too. Is this called Falling in love is divine. You sure ain’t lost it buddy!

    We are getting by over here. Main news is that my younger daughter Zoe is expecting a baby anytime now. I m pretty anxious about it just now.

    I m still playing when I can, either online or live every Thursday at a great pub in Sunderland.

    Recently I went a bit crazy and bought 1968 Martin D28 Brazilian rosewood and all!

    Not really sure it’s me. Bit too smooth. So will keep a while then maybe move it on. We shall see.

    Sorry this is a bit disjointed. Great to hear from you Billy and I haven’t stopped hoping that we ll get together hang out and play some music in the not too distant future.

    All the best. Love to Sue


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    1. Greetings, Dave. Always good to hear from you. The Ithacaster is actually very affordable for a handmade instrument. I am just loving playing this guitar. Thanks for listening to The Craig Demos. Yes, that is Sue singing on “In Your Arms.” Congratulations soon-to-be Grand Pa. That’s big news. Hope all goes well with Mom and the new arrival. The Brazilian rosewood Martins are sweet. I’ll look forward to hearing you play that, if you still have it on my next visit. I am looking forward to sitting with you and having a pint and a song. It’s gonna be a big time. Best to you and Joy…Billy

  15. Fantastic newsletter, Billy! I loved reading about your process. I’ve shared it on all three of the Facebook pages I manage and I’ll include it in my next newsletter that I send out next week!

    My super best to you and Sue!


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  16. Hey Billy, That picture of the room looks like a great album cover. Hope you and Sue have a wonderful Christmas !

  17. Hello Billy!
    This is Jan from Annapolis/333 Coffeehouse. Thanks so much for sharing this story about and your and Sue’s life with Maya. What a wonderful soul.
    Saw that you’ll be in Balto and luv your axe is a good ol (Natty) Boh. We’ll see about seeing you then. Have a great tour.

  18. Lookin’ good, Billy! Hope life continues to be good down in Tennesse. Are you going to be up this way anytime soon?

  19. Greetings, Bob. Good to hear from you. Sue, our beagle puppy, Mavis and I will be coming to Baltimore on Labor Day weekend. I have a 50th high school reunion on Sept 3. I decided not to book any shows so I can visit with family. We’ll be staying in Marriottsville with some friends. Hope all is well with you. Cheers, Billy

  20. Unfortunately I will be in Virginia January 21st or I would be at The Catonsville Club house for sure.
    Looking forward to hear Billy play again soon.
    Please advise of any upcoming events in or around Catonsville/Baltimore area.

    1. Hi Colleen, Nice to hear from you. Are you on my emailing list? Do you receive blog posts? If so, you’ll be notified of gigs. When I was in town last week my sister told me that we lost Champ, I was so sorry to hear this news. My condolences to you. Hope to see you next time. Best regards, Billy

  21. Billy
    What year did Roger Cox leave the Nashville Express, and who replaced him? I need to know. Did you know keyboardist Jerry Kennedy (not THE Jerry Kennedy)?

    1. Good morning, KBM. What a surprise to hear your questions. The last time I saw Roger Cox was in the early ‘90s in Philadelphia. I have not seen Jerry Kennedy, the piano player, since 1983. I toured with Tommy Overstreet for one year during 1983. Roger and I performed together in Nashville for a few years with various songwriters as well as my music. I have been thinking about releasing a live recording from The Bluebird Cafe from 1984 with Roger on drums. What a good drummer he was and hopefully still is. Jerry Kennedy was a very song friendly piano player, never flashy but tasteful fills and comping. I’m not sure who replaced Roger in the Nashville Express. I lost touch with Tommy Overstreet after he moved to Oregon with Diane, his wife. She would probably know the answer to your question. Best of luck to you, please let me know what you find out. Thanks for writing. Cheers, Billy

  22. Well written. I’ve followed you for decades, and never regretted one minute. It was great to see and hear you in Catonsville, and to buy your albums. You craft and play great music, across multiple genres. I write short stories about my cats and others in the Land of the Rainbow Bridge.

    Keep on expanding your horizons. At some point, I may try to publish my 20+ short stories. And dogs are in them as well lol.

    Mike O’Leary

    1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your message, thanks for reading and thanks for listening. I’ll look forward to seeing your short stories someday. Sue and I have a cat, Minnie and a dog, Mavis and they are a hoot… Cheers, Billy