Radio Interviews

Here are some interviews that happened during the Smiles & Miles Mugshot Tour 2017/2018 to promote Another Life. Thanks to all of the reviewers and DJs…

October 10, 2017 Resonance FM with Carole Finer

Carole Finer presents a range of live music guests, ranging from the English modernist avant-garde (she was a member of The Scratch Orchestra) to bluegrass (she is also a keen banjo player), as well as field recordings from her extensive travels round the world. Her guest today is Billy Kemp, country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Billy is in London at the start of his UK tour, with a new CD just out. Sound Out is his first UK appearance.

 Carole, Paul and Billy
Carole, Paul and Billy

October 18, 2017 Medicine Moose Mobile with Rob Ellen

Rob Ellen has been travelling over Europe connecting with hosts and festival in his TV Studio converted Camper Van The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobile. He now spends a good part of the year promoting Euro Artists and Stateside in The Merican Moose Mobile.

May 4, 2018 KSVY 91.3  Sonoma, California with Tim Benton

Guys @ Five Friday

5pm – 7pm

host: Tim Benton

Guys at 5 Friday formerly “Wine.Country” is a two hour radio show that plays classic country music and hosts talented Sonoma County wine makers who guide listeners through tastings.

 Billy and Tim
Billy and Tim