Short Reviews

October 2017

Alan Cackett Facebook review, former editor of Maverick Magazine

The songs from Another Life are mainly centred around Billy’s growing up years in the Paradise neighbourhood of Baltimore, yet despite this they are very much universal. His stories are both humorous and enthralling.

November 2017

Ron Dukelow presenter and owner of The Live Room, Saltaire, England

He mixed great stories with very well-crafted songs, many from his new album, Another Life, all delivered in a very clear distinct voice with great musicianship on both guitar and banjo.

January 2018

Ear To The GroundSingle Song Review Another Life To Live from Another Life.

This is the most heartbreaking breakup song you’ve ever heard, honestly.

March 2018

The Alternate Root

Another Life takes a walk with folk music as it travels on a rhythm of plucked banjo notes, shakes, guitar rambles and finger picked reveries. Billy Kemp is a story teller.

April 2018

Susie Glaze review for Folk Works

There is the path of dipping back into a childhood spent in a place teeming with character, humor and heart. So much of the music calls to mind the most classic of American country: Carter Family, Delmore Brothers and the Blue Sky Boys. There is sweet melancholy tucked inside the songs on this album, Another Life. Billy paints clearly with poetry, winsome memory and reflection.