The Craig Demos

The Craig Demos is a collection of recordings done in September 2019 for Craig Eastman, a multi-instrumentalist/composer who lives in Los Angeles. Craig performed numerous concerts with Billy Kemp and Sue Griffiths last October on our western edition of the Pour Tour. At the rehearsals, Craig suggested releasing the demos because he enjoyed them so much, hence the title.

The record includes songs about a hopeful lover, a social distance warning, a trio of racetrack gamblers, a moonlighting guitar player, a worried farmer, a boastful artist, a homesick coal miner and a puzzled lover. Co-writers on this collection include Sue Griffiths, Geoffrey Himes and Jeni Hankins.

There are two instrumentals, two brand new songs, five new versions of previously released songs and one never before released older song.

The record features three musicians, Craig Eastman on fiddle and lapsteel, Sue Griffiths on banjo and Billy Kemp on guitar, piano and bass.

Back-up vocals include Sue Griffiths, Ali Moynahan-Eastman and Charlie Bernhardt.

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