Bees On The Apples

Here’s a new tune I composed while Jeni and I were visiting her grandmother, Maw Maw, in Jewell Ridge, Virginia. She has a bunch of apple trees and they had dropped a bunch of fruit and it made the bees very happy. This is a work in progress but I wanted to try uploading something for a post on WordPress since I’m new to blogging. I hope you enjoy the music.

Bees On The Apples © copyright 2012 Willbilly Music

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  1. I like the cannon D influence. Billy, While I’ll never amount to half the musician thank you for attempting to teach me guitar & inspiring a life long love of music.

    A former student who should have practiced much more than I did. But, even then your knowledge, skill, passion — over filled my cup. Thank you.

    PS thanks for not making me feel like a weirdo for wanting to learn the blues & jazz at the age I was. Further, introducing me to rockabilly.

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