First Recording Session on the Series 70 Recorder at Artland

This was the result of the first recording session at Artland in Nashville using a vintage analog tape recorder, the Tascam Series 70 1/2 inch eight track. It actually is a six track recorder now because the heads are worn on tracks 1 and 8.
The music is for a sextet. 2 acoustic guitars, resophonic guitar, banjo, harmonica and electric bass. I played all of the instruments and had a lot of fun making it. I used a 1957 Gibson J-50, a 1916 Martin 2-17. a 1930 Style O National Resophonic, a Jeni Hankins made Mike Ramsey Style open-back banjo, a 1968 Fender Precision bass and an “E” Marine Band harmonica.

A special thank you to Charlie Brewer for getting the recorder back in a good working condition.

First Recording Session on Series 70 Recorder at Artland
Billy recording the harmonica, 2012 in Nashville

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