The Blue Plate Special -live from Knoxville, Tennessee…

Greetings everyone! On Monday, March 6, I’ll be performing live in Knoxville, Tennessee for WDVX’s Blue Plate Special, a regular show hosted by Red Hickey, at Visit Knoxville in the Knoxville Visitors Center from 12 to 1pm Eastern Standard Time. The show is in front of an audience but also streams live. I had a gig booked in 2020 with the show, but it was cancelled because of Covid. I’m looking forward to meeting Red and everyone at WDVX, as well as the folks in Knoxville.

You can listen to the show here at Online Radio Box. Here is a link to WDVX. Here is a link to the Facebook page for WDVX. There is also a menu button to listen at the WDVX website.

I’ll be performing solo and doing songs from my new record, Onions, Old Movies & You, as well as songs from my previous three solo releases, Another Life, The Painter’s Bucket and The Craig Demos.

For those of you in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, this is a good listening opportunity at a reasonable time of day, it would be around dinner time for some of you. I would be grateful to have some listeners from your part of the world, I haven’t been to England since 2019, and I do miss your tea, your motorway services and driving on the wrong side of the road. The show is coming from the town in the American, Del McCoury, version of Richard Thompson’s ‘52 Vincent Black Lightning, instead of Box Hill it’s Knoxville.

Hope you can listen in on Monday, March 6 at 12pm EST.



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