Way Down Upon The Suwannee River- Songs and Biscuits

Jeni and I are camping at the Stephen Foster State Park and we’ve written three new songs. One about a bug that casts a shadow of a horse, one about a Maryland horse racetrack, and one about Jeni’s grandmother, Mawmaw Margie.

During the day the carillon, the world’s largest tubular bell instrument, plays some of Foster’s tunes and they reverberate for miles. We know because we’ve taken many four to five mile hikes along the Suwannee.

We made some homemade chili last night for dinner and Jeni made some of her “I have arrived” homemade biscuits. She has arrived because her grandmother has said so about her biscuit making.

Back to biscuit and song making!


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  1. hmmm…perhaps there is a songwriting muse in the air around there?! Sounds like you are having a beautiful time in a lovely location…

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