Points North March 2020…

Greetings from Liberty, Tennessee. Yesterday, we were scheduled to drive into Nashville with some friends to see the film, Once Were Brothers, Robbie Robertson’s story about The Band, at the Belcourt. The city was struck by a tornado in the early hours of the day with horrific devastation. The images were unimaginable; many from the East Nashville neighborhood I lived in for years. My closest East Nashville neighbor was spared, but just two blocks away the indiscriminate storm cut its path eastward destroying homes and businesses and points beyond. I remember reading a story about the last tornado that came through Nashville in 1998, and how the insurance money kickstarted changes that made East Nashville what it is today. It’s strange to think about how a storm can cause displacement and gentrification in a matter of minutes. I heard at the polling place in Dowelltown yesterday that the Home Depot and Cracker Barrel in Lebanon were hit hard as well. Our dog, Maya, informed us early in the morning around 1 am about how destructive the storm would be. She wanted to be close, held and protected from the wind, lightning and rain, a barometer if there ever was one. Thankful and grateful to be sharing another post. Another tour is starting tomorrow heading to points north. Guess we’ll have to watch Once Were Brothers when it comes to streaming.

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