Greetings from Liberty

Greetings from Liberty. Back on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau in middle Tennessee but not feeling so edgy today. More soggy like a bowl of cereal. Just back from a two week tour in Florida unable to bring the sunshine back with us. We did ten shows and added three thousand miles on the Volkswagen. Thanks to all of the presenters, hosts and folks who made it to a show. Thanks to the radials on our red moving machine. They gripped the highway and held on like an ice cream cone, never touching a shoulder.


This morning we had a dog to pick up and she sure was a-wagging a-way when she tore down the hallway to greet us. On the ride to pick up Maya we realized we weren’t in Florida anymore. The soggy, foggy rolling hills were staring us down looking lighter than they are, tops covered in sky. It was an indoor day.


This post is an experiment to see if my wordpress is talking with my mailchimp. They’re new friends and I’m hoping they’ve embraced the idea of having a conversation. The opening line will be coming from wp. Let’s hope that mc will be receptive. A hand extended for connection.

Gentle apps, start your engines…

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