The Hootenanny Cafe Sunday, January 15

Greetings everyone. Word just came down that a song I wrote and recorded about my great Aunt Lil’ is gonna make it to the air waves and streams this Sunday night, January 15, 2023 at 9 pm eastern when Jon Stein hosts, The Hootenanny Cafe. The song is, “Lillian & the Blue Car.”

Here is what the show is all about. Each week the Hootenanny Cafe presents a particular “featured artist” (or group) on the Mini Concert. The artists program their own mini concert (song selections and order of songplay). In addition, they choose a particular theme for The Singer Songwriter Showcase segments, which encourages, and presents, singer songwriters from around the world, to send in songs based on that week’s theme. The Hootenanny Cafe is truly a home for songs that may otherwise, not be heard elsewhere.

Here is what the request for songs said: It’s Hootenanny Cafe Singer Songwriter Showcase Request Reminder Time for the 1/15/23 show – SONGS FOR, BY, ABOUT and/or FEATURING WOMEN – as chosen by wonderful Mini Concert Featured Artist: ALICIA STOCKMAN

When I saw the theme I immediately thought about Aunt Lil’ and the song, “Lillian & the Blue Car.”

Where you can listen to the show.

Sunday’s Singer Songwriter Showcase (1/15/23) with mini concert featured artist: ALICIA STOCKMAN That’s Sunday night at 9pm (est)

This show will also air Thursday (1/19) and Friday (1/20/23) at 10pm (est) on

And, then, of course on

Here’s a link to Jon Stein’s web page:

The story about Lillian & the Blue Car

In October 2016 I received an email from a painter friend and collaborator, Ann Phelan, who was announcing one of her works to be on exhibit in Zurich. I liked the curated painting and wrote back to compliment her work. She told me that an image in the painting was most inspired by a car I had years ago, a blue Pontiac Ventura, 1972. She asked about the car. I began remembering things about it and as I wrote down my thoughts, I realized that they would work well in a song. Aunt Lil was my paternal grandmother’s sister and everything in the song is just the way I remember her. She never did remarry but there was a man in her life, though they never shared an abode. We called Uncle Bunk.

The song came out on my record, Another Life in 2017. You can buy that record here.

Another Life


Three ladies at City Hall in Baltimore in 1979 seeing a concert by Billy Kemp and the Paradise Pickers: left to right-Aunt Lil’, Louisa Cage, my great-grandmother and my paternal grand mother, Vera

Enjoy the radio show and the song. Thanks for reading, looking and listening. Cheers, Billy

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